Design your universe by Epica (2009)

We stick to symphonic metal and today talk about Design Your Universe, by the Dutch band Epica


Century Child by Nightwish (2002)

We don’t leave Finland, cause today we’re gonna talk about one of the most celebrated metal bands from this country

One for sorrow by Insomnium (2011)

Take a trip through the cold, silent and white Finnish forests and winters with this original melodeath album


War Eternal by Arch Enemy (2014)

The first album of the band after Angela Gossow left and Alissa White-Gluz joined as new vocalist. A must listen.


Reise, reise by Rammstein (2004)

A review on my favorite album by the German band Rammstein


Abbey Road by The Beatles (1969)

There’s no better way to start than with a classic!